Entrepreneur in residence

Опубликовано 19 Mar 2021
З/П договорная
"Westminster International University in Tashkent"
Архитектура, строительство, дизайн
Опыт работы
от 3 до 5 лет
Должностные обязанности

Build an innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem within WIUT in collaboration with experienced entrepreneurs (local and global) Design and implement training programs on Design Thinking and Creativity, Innovation & New Business Ventures and Entrepreneurial Finance; Lead and consult student teams within the framework of Tech-Entrepreneurship program, Business Consulting and Solutions program and Social-Sustainable Entrepreneurship program; Establish mutually beneficial partnerships between WIUT and local/international entrepreneurs, SMEs within the framework of Lab’s operations. 

  • График работы - Полный рабочий день
  • Пол - Не имеет значения
  • Возраст - 30-45
  • Образование - Высшее
  • Знание языков - Русский (Свободное владение), Узбекский (Свободное владение), Английский (Свободное владение)
  • Знание компьютера - Уверенный пользователь
  • Дополнительные требования:

    Academic degree in Business Administration, Economics or a related field;
  • Extensive knowledge of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and global trends; Professional experience as trainer of entrepreneurship or a related field; At least 5 years of entrepreneurship, start-up and training experience in the local ecosystem; Experience of collaboration with local/international entrepreneurs/SMEs is preferred; Fluency in Uzbek and Russian. Knowledge of spoken English is strongly preferred.

Flexibility and ability to work and manage in a start-up environment of a new institution in a challenging environment; Entrepreneurial disposition, innovative mindset and drive for results; Excellent presentation and training skills; ICT and Project planning skills; Ability to design training materials in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship; Well-developed organisational skills with the ability to prioritize multiple assignments; Ability to lead a team of students and faculty; Open and critical, supportive yet assertive attitude to colleagues; Good understanding of the national ecosystem of new-technology based entrepreneurship
Дополнительная информация

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