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In Uzbekistan, most of the country is characterised by aridity and most of its territory is classified as a drought zone, susceptible to land degradation and desertification. The climate change impacts do not act independently of each other; their interwoven effects, combined with anthropogenic pressures, will affect vulnerable sectors in complex ways. It is forecasted that in the forthcoming decades the country will be seriously affected by increasing climate variability and aggravated climate change impacts. This makes adaptation measures particularly urgent. As part of the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the NAP process will contribute to the formulation of corresponding, climate-responsive targets.

The UNDP and Green Climate Fund Readiness project on “Sector driven National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to advance medium- and long-term adaptation planning in Uzbekistan” will be implemented in partnership with the government of Uzbekistan with extensive stakeholder consultations, studies, and assessments to foster national and subnational ownership to further ensure sustainability of outcomes. The project aims to strengthen institutional and technical capacities for iterative development of a NAP and integration of climate change adaptation into national and subnational planning and budgeting processes in Uzbekistan. This will involve strengthening of existing frameworks and systems, enhancing capacities of key stakeholders, expanding the evidence base to effectively contribute to the adaptation planning process, and establishing a mechanism to sustain the process.


The UND/GCF Readiness project objective is to strengthen institutional and technical capacities for iterative development of a NAP and integration of climate change adaptation into national and subnational planning and budgeting processes in Uzbekistan, and the project is structured into three outcomes:

i) Outcome 1: Coordination mechanism for multi-sectoral adaptation planning and implementation at different levels is strengthened;

ii) Outcome 2: Evidence base for adaptation planning is strengthened and adaptation prioritized into national and sectoral planning and budgeting;

iii) Outcome 3: Adaptation financing and investment strategy for Uzbekistan is developed

Under the direct supervision of the Environment and Climate Action Cluster Leader, the Project Manager is fully responsible for operational and programmatic management of the project according to the project document, UNDP corporate rules and procedures and for fulfilling the following functions.


Duties and Responsibilities

Work in close collaboration with the Government counterparts, projects, operations, and Programme’s staff in the CO to exchange climate change information and ensure consistent service delivery, and undertake day-to-day responsibility for operational support services for the achievement of the outputs, through lead and coordination of national and international consultant groups to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Capacities Center of Hydrometeorological Services under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzhydromet) and NDA (Ministry of Investments ad Foreign Trade) and sectoral partners to steer the climate change coordination and integration process are strengthened and adaptation framework initiated through: 
  • Establishing and operationalization of gender-sensitive and participatory coordination process for climate change adaptation:
  • Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) established
  • Terms of Reference for IAWG developed
  • Conducting gaps assessments focused on technical capacity related to climate change adaptation (climate change information, tools for integration, project development, gender mainstreaming, monitoring and evaluation) for key stakeholders from the Inter-Agency Working Group to improve coordination across sectors and different levels of government:
  • Adaptation capacity gaps report
  • Adaptation capacity development plan
  • Implementation of capacity development programme for up to 4 areas, including access and use of climate information, tools for integration, prioritization, project development, gender mainstreaming, monitoring and evaluation: 

Training manuals developed

  • Trainings conducted
  • Conducting gap analysis that is identifying areas of need for the framework for climate change adaptation planning, building on the government’s initiative to install state development programmes, and in line with NSSD:
  • Institutional review report at national level
  • Institutional review report at local level for 3 provinces
  • Capacity building strategy/plan document
  • Documentation of lessons learned and best practices of adaptation interventions to encourage scaling up of successful approaches:
  • Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) statistics (ongoing throughout the life of the project)
  • Compilation of best practices (ongoing throughout the life of the project)
  • Align CCA and development priorities and ensure integration with sectoral and provincial plans, to coincide with the government’s introduction of state development programme, sectoral plans Citizen’s budget and “open budget”:
  • Key sector priority adaptation actions (report)
  • Supervising and/or guiding national consultants involved in NAP project

Running a project

He/she provides operational services ensuring high quality, accuracy and consistency of work, including:

  • Oversee planning process for the project and ensure its implementation in accordance with the signed project document;
  • Responsible for ensuring that the project produces the results specified in the project document, to the required standard of quality and within the specified constraints of time and cost;
  • Manage the realization of project components and outputs through activities;
  • Ensure that project contributes to the promotion of gender equality by reaching, involving and benefiting both women and men in its activities (gender mainstreaming);
  • Provide direction and guidance to project team(s)/responsible party (ies);
  • Identify partnership strategies with regard to providers of specialised expertise and possible co-financiers, and assists in resource mobilisation for project components;
  • Identify and obtains any support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the project;
  • Liaise with any suppliers;
  • Prepare timely reports of project progress in line with UNDP and donor requirements
  • Plan the activities of the project and monitor progress against the initial quality criteria; 
  • Mobilize goods and services to initiative activities, including drafting TORs and work specifications; 
  • Manage requests for the provision of financial resources by UNDP, using advance of funds, direct payments, or reimbursement;
  • Manage and monitor the project risks, submit new risks to the Project Board for consideration and decision on possible actions if required; update the status of these risks by maintaining the Project Risks Log; 
  • Be responsible for managing issues and requests for change by maintaining an Issues Log;
  • Prepare the quarterly and annual financial and progress reports and submit the reports to the Project Board and UNDP, including through ATLAS system; 
  • Prepare the Annual Review Report (UNDP format) and Project Implementation Report (GCF format) and submit reports to the Project Assurance team and GCF; based on the ARR, prepare the Annual Work Plan (AWP) and Annual Plan of Activities and Procurement Plan for the project years;
  • Monitor the implementation of project components, analyses problems that hamper their implementation and takes appropriate measures to ensure timely delivery of required inputs and achievement of project-wide results;
  • Monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports, including proper utilization of funds and delivery, budget revisions, availability of funds, reconciliation of accounts, establishment of internal control mechanisms. Act as a focal point to liaise with auditors and ensures follow-up actions. Ensures the accuracy and reliability of financial information and reporting;
  • Sign annual Combined Delivery Reports (CDR) with UNDP and the Implementing Partner national agency;
  • Ensure coherent implementation of the project advocacy and visibility campaigns and communication plan; and manage the process of raising public awareness on project activities at local, country and international levels;
  • Monitor mass media outreach activities, writing of success stories, newspapers coverage, PR campaigns;
  • Organize workshops, seminars and round tables to introduce project outputs to all stakeholders involved. Render support to related UNDP thematic activities such as publications, sharing of knowledge and group discussions;
  • Liaise with other UNDP and UNDP-GCF funded projects to implement possible synergies and reports to UNDP Programme Officer and National Project Coordinator on conducted activities;
  • Undertake resource mobilization activities to be built on the project achievement that contribute to project scaling-up and replication

Closing a Project

  • In cooperation with the UNDP CO and national project experts, develop a suitable project exit strategy during the last year of the project, and present it for approval to the UNDP Regional Center in Istanbul;
  • Ensure proper operational, financial and programmatic closure of the project;
  • Prepare Final Project Review Reports to be submitted to the Project Board;
  • Identify follow-up actions and submit them for consideration to the Project Board; 
  • Manage the transfer of project deliverables, documents, files, equipment and materials to national beneficiaries;
  • Prepare final CDR for signature by UNDP and the Implementing Partner.

Impact of Results 

The key results have an impact on the overall success of the Project, in particular to strengthen institutional and technical capacities for iterative development of a NAP and integration of climate change adaptation into national and subnational planning and budgeting processes in Uzbekistan.

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