Construction Manager

Опубликовано 27 Apr 2021
З/П договорная
North West Construction
Архитектура, строительство, дизайн
Опыт работы
от 5 до 10 лет
Должностные обязанности

- To control timely resolution of problems arising in the construction process.

- Control the preparation of objects for utilization during the period described in the plan.

- To check the completeness and quality of the initial guidelines for the project which were acquired from project organizations, by providing the instructions necessary for the preparation of the project document.

- To sign the contract if necessary for design and engineering, and to perform the necessary researches.

- To control the follow up the preparation of the project documents and their delivery schedule which was agreed with project organizations, participate in the agreement and approval of construction documents, as well as the coordination of adding the following amendments on the basis of comments by the expertise and contractor organizations.

- To coordinate of the preparation of contractor agreements according to the general construction and defining and agreement of the prices of subsequent construction projects.

- To silicide as per the regulations approved for the issues regarding the land for construction, if necessary, prepare a concrete action on the release of their existing buildings.

- To participate in the works of the preparation of necessary documents and their delivery to the commission.

- To manage subjected engineers and workers.

  • График работы - Полный рабочий день
  • Пол - Мужской
  • Образование - Высшее
  • Знание языков - Русский (Свободное владение), Английский (Хороший), Узбекский (Свободное владение), Казахский (Приветствуется)
  • Знание компьютера - Уверенный пользователь
  • Дополнительные требования:

    - Work experience in construction international projects for road/highway.

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