Procurement specialist

Опубликовано 09 Nov 2021
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- The main duty of the Procurement Specialist (PS) is to advise on, conduct and report on the procurement processes under the Project securing compliance of the procedures with the World Bank Procurement Regulations, as stipulated in the Project Financial Agreement using the standard procurement documents and sample contracts as and when applicable. The World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Recipients - Procurement in Investment Project Financing Goods, Works, Non-Consulting and Consulting Services, dated July 2016, revised November 2017 and August 2018 are applicable under the Project. The procurement and contract management processes will be tracked through the Systematic Tracking of Exchange in Procurement (STEP) system. The PS oversees, coordinates the Project procurement processes, prepares procurement plans and documents, and negotiates with contractors and suppliers, when applicable, accordingly.

The specific duties of the Procurement Specialist include but are not limited to:

-       Plan the Project procurement activities and implement them in close collaboration with PMU Director;

-       Revise and update the Project Procurement Strategy for Development (PPSD) and Procurement Plan (PP), at a minimum on an annual basis, to reflect any substantial changes in procurement approaches and methods and to meet the actual Project implementation needs and market fluctuations and improvements in institutional capacity. Timely implementation of the Plan is indicator of good performance of the PS;

-       Prepare procurement/bidding advertisements, publish them in the international and local press and organize procurement in accordance with the World Bank procedures (international competitive bidding, national competitive bidding, selection of consultants, national shopping, etc.) in line with the PP;

-       Conduct procurement of equipment, works and selection of consultants on behalf of the PMU;

-       Organize, after the Project start-up, workshops on procurement processes and procedures as defined in the Project Operations Manual for the PMU central and staff of selected Community Mobilization Partners and Business Promotion Organizations, and involved stakeholders, as applicable;

-       Development and maintenance of the procurement database, keeping the procurement records and filing system duly up to date, including records in STEP;

-       Coordination of timely delivery of goods by suppliers, execution of works by contractors and Consultants in conformity with annual work plans;

-       Regular and ad hoc submission of procurement reports to the PMU Director including reporting to the management on procurement delays or contract implementation issues under the Project;

-       Advising the PMU director and relevant PMU/stakeholders’ staff on contracts management and handling contractual disputes.

-       Secure observance of the World Bank Procurement Regulations requirements under the project as specified in the Grant Agreement, Project Operations Manual and other relevant project documents and advise the PMU Director and other PMU staff/stakeholders involved in the procurement procedures, as applicable;

-       Perform any other tasks related to procurement during the project implementation.

-       Manage the complaints handling process within the project by ensuring a timely responding to complainants;

Prepare the contract management plan (CMP) for critical contracts 

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  • Пол - Не имеет значения
  • Возраст - 25-45
  • Образование - Высшее
  • Знание языков - Русский (Свободное владение), Английский (Свободное владение)
  • Знание компьютера - Уверенный пользователь
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